A Wyoming Western Union

One hundred and ten years ago my Great Grandfather Henning Svenson arrived by train in the dusty Gem City of Laramie Wyoming with nothing but a camera and a suitcase. His instant passion for the west sparked a lifelong dedication to capturing the lifestyle of what was a very prosperous and exciting time for Laramie.

Over a Century Later I find myself at the same Train Depot capturing the story of these two love birds and realize that I love this community for all the same reasons as Henning did. There is something to be said about a town that can put so much sophistication into the old west. We are excited to have the wedding season upon us. We’ll see you along the track my friends.


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Wyoming Weddings 2014 Laramie Bridal Expo

This years Laramie Fall Bridal Expo was amazing. We got to meet so many enthusiastic and beautiful couples. Mountain Valley Bridal once again showed us all why they are the regions top Bridal Shop. With both modern and classical dress styles the fashion show was stunning.  We also want give a huge Shout Out to the lady’s of Fresh Flower Fantasy for making the Bridal Expo smell so Incredible.  Your Floral Designs are beautiful and it is easy to see that a lot of heart goes into your bouquets.  And of course we want to thank Kati Hime for all of her hard work and making the Laramie & Cheyenne Bridal expos a tun of FUN!  Heres to 2015 and all the goods times that lie ahead! Ludwig Photography | Serving Cheyenne and Laramie Wyoming.  12_R3_R45_R6_R7_R8_R9_R10_R11_R12_R13_R14_R15_R16_R17_R18_R19_R20_R21_R22_R23_R24_R

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Marissa | Laramie Senior Photography

I LOVE spring in Wyoming, the blue sky and clouds that look like cotton balls, so white and fluffy you can almost reach out and touch them. And an hour later the wind can bring in an incredibly dramatic and brooding sky.  That was definitely the case during Marissa’s senior portrait session.

 I was really looking forward to being out in the country with Marissa because I knew how much she loves the outdoors.  So when she flashed me a contagious and slightly mischievous smile, I knew she was happy the weather was working so well with our plan.img_0446_R_Limg_0455_R_Limg_0473_R_Limg_0504_RFBimg_0522_RFBimg_0540_RFB

 Marissa is an incredibly kind spirited and beautiful Wyoming girl who’s warm smile and easy presence makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  After spending the morning out on our adventure with both Marissa and her mother, Jen, we decided that Historic Downtown Laramie would be a lot of fun. There was one building in particular that Marissa fell in love with. As a mother of two daughters myself, I can’t tell you how much joy I felt capturing Marissa’s warmth and her sense of adventure.  I caught myself looking over my shoulder from time to time to see the smile that was also across her mother’s face.


You can turn off the sun, but Marissa is still shining BRIGHT and so is her future.  Marissa we celebrate all your accomplishments and all those to come.

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Amelia Rosmarin | Ludwig Senior Photography

There are those moments I find myself smiling; I’m so lucky to do what I do. Living the incredible life of a portrait photographer here in Wyoming is such a joy. Even pinching myself doesn’t usher in the reality of how blessed I feel to wake up every morning for over two decades now and capture the inner and outer beauty of amazing people……Amelia is definitely such a person.




Years ago, I met Amelia as a talented and passionate young dancer at the Laramie Dance Center. She was so beautiful to watch, her warmth and energy were captivating. And then just last year I had the honor of creating an amazing family portrait for her wonderful mother.

Amelia has always loved beautiful photography and over the years she has told me how important it is to her to have a beautiful portrait created by me after seeing the portrait I created of her brothers and sister. As I have watched her grow from a girl to an amazing young woman I have looked forward to creating her senior portraits.

img_9836_r_fbAmelia is such a beautiful person on the inside as well as the out.  She has taken her love and expression of dance and taught it to others giving graciously of her time. Over the years I have found Amelia baking cupcakes and bringing them to the dance studio for a young dancer’s birthday, picking up and taking home young dancers from dance because their mother was too busy, volunteering for Special Olympics and the list goes on.  Recently this caring, compassionate, and talented young lady was elected as senior class president. img_9904_r_fbimg_9926_fb_r

Amelia is an inspiration. Within her firm grip is a bright today and tomorrow.
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Rhiannon | Ludwig Senior Photography

In Wyoming we are blessed with an ever changing landscape of incredible beauty. That was definitely the case the day we headed out to create Rhiannon’s senior portraits. The warmth of the sun was a welcome break from the dramatic spring weather that we’ve been exposed to. The whole family joined in on our shoot as we ascended on Vedawoo. Every Location was such a blast and all-in-all we have to say, that it was a perfect day.


Celebrating Rhiannon’s accomplishments and getting to know her wonderful personality has been such a joy for us. Rhiannon’s beauty arises from her spirit and her SMILE is soooo contagious. We wish you all the luck in your SENIOR year.

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